Natural Gas and Propane Product Testing Since 1968

Proven Gas Related Product Testing

50 years of getting it right

When your innovation is being tested, accuracy isn’t an option—it’s a necessity.  Appliance Engineering has spent the last 50 years testing products for applications in a wide array of industries, getting it right every time.  We test for your prototype, and then we test again. And again, and again. We test until we know that your product is the highest quality and safest product on the market so that when it goes to production, there is no doubt that you are delivering excellence to your customers.

AEI offers a wide range of testing services including:

● ANSI testing as an accredited 3rd party lab to UL, ETL and witnessed by CSA
● Energy Star accredited lab
● AFUE, DOE and efficiency testing
● Reliability and life cycle testing

High-Altitude Testing Solutions

Don’t just simulate it. Experience it

We can help manufacturers of any equipment determine how their product will perform at high elevations.  In addition to our main laboratory near Cleveland, Ohio (elevation about 1,100 feet), AEI has three laboratories near Denver, Colorado, with elevations of:

● 5,400’
● 7,800’
● 10,000’

We can help with:
● Air movement and cooling
● Combustion

 We Say Yes to NOx

Unparalleled Nitrous Oxide testing procedures

We are one of the only companies in the world that offer a full palate of NOx testing capabilities.

AEI is a South Coast Air Quality Management District certified lab for:

● Rule 1111
● Rule 1121
● Rule 1146.2
● Rule 1147

We can test a variety of equipment including:

● Boilers
● Water heaters
● Tankless heaters
● Furnaces

Equipped for Results

Testing equipment to prepare your products

Appliance Engineering is always looking for new ways to put your products through a complete gambit of testing environments and scenarios.

Our testing equipment includes:

● Wind machine
● Gas chromatograph
● CO/CO2 infrared analyzers
● ODS and low-temperature test chamber