Natural Gas and Propane Product Testing Since 1968

Modern Concepts

Rooted in a tradition of excellence

Since 1968, Appliance Engineering has taken some of the brightest ideas in the field of gas appliances from concept to production and has delivered unparalleled quality and excellence along the way.  We believe that in order for us to bring your vision to life, we need to rely on you to make it happen.  Our design concepts are truly a collaborative effort.  And once the idea is a reality, we will test it with the highest level of scrutiny and accuracy in the industry to make sure that it lives up to your high expectations for safety and quality.  Your designs reflect your innovation, and our commitment to excellence reflects in their quality.

From Design to Manufacturing

AEI can guide you through the entire process

Appliance Engineering offers contract manufacturing for full to low volume appliances.  Contact us today if you are looking for a solution with manufacturing hurdles.