Natural Gas and Propane Product Testing Since 1968

Whether You Are Just Starting or Ready to Roll Out

Appliance Engineering can support your gas and propane product needs.

For 50 years, Appliance Engineering has overseen projects for some of the biggest names in gas and propane-related appliances.  Companies rely on us to help them develop innovative products that test the boundaries of technology.  We consult with them after the product is designed to make sure it will hold up to the rigors of everyday usage.  And we use the most advanced testing concepts in the field to ensure that the quality and safety of these products is above all others in the industry.  There is no aspect of production we don’t handle better and more professionally than anyone else in the industry.  Tell us what you need, and we will deliver.

Testing You Can Rely On

When you need to be sure, turn to us.

As a member of the ANSI Z21/Z83 Technical committee, AEI is an industry leader in testing capabilities. We offer specialty testing for high altitude applications, NOx testing and standard gas and propane testing.  We also have some of the most high-tech and outside the box testing equipment on the market.  When you need to be sure, you need Appliance Engineering.

Innovative Design

Creating your ideas, and the ones you hadn’t thought of yet.

We start by listening.  We continue by working in unison with you. The end result is a product that takes your initial brilliance and combines it with the real world, applicable knowledge that only the brightest minds in the industry can provide.  We have the expertise and insight that comes with 50 years in the market.  When you know what you need and just aren’t sure how to make it happen, call on the industry’s top team to bring your ideas to fruition.

Advice from the Experts

The team the industry trusts

When the big names in the gas and propane product industry find themselves running into obstacles on their road to bringing new products to life, they turn to Appliance Engineering to see them through.

Whether you are a corporation looking to get a product ready for retail, or a small business looking to wrap up a solution on a one-time product, if you need consultation on completing the task, turn to us.  For 50 years, the top brands in all gas related product manufacturing have come to us looking for solutions, and for 50 years, we’ve helped them move forward with solutions that equaled success.  And now, we’d like to do the same for you.